21 September, 2016

Salle de Bain

Okay, it's been a few days. But I have new things!

I'm about to submit another set to Mod the Sims, a simple but pretty (well, I think it's pretty...) bathroom of Maxis recolours, along with some matching walls and floors. I also have a couple of decorative items to round out the set which I'd like to share here.

First is a pair of pictures, Salle de Bain I & II, by Allison Pearce. These recolours of the base game Arghist Soldier painting were actually the reason I made this set in the first place--I just couldn't resist them! Of course I take no credit for Ms. Pearce's work, and no infringement is intended.

Also included are the decorative towels (four recolours), along with their mesh, which is from Mango-Sims (the site owner states that its objects may be included in houses and other sets with credit given and available for free). The original mesh is part of the cute outdoor set Spring, available in the Autres/Others section of Mango-Sims.


29 January, 2016

Oasis II, by Brent Nelson

Woot, my first download for The Sims 2! I have a massive kitchen/dining set in the submission queue at Mod The Sims (first upload over there too--so nervous!), and I thought Brent Nelson's Oasis II, would be a great match for it.

The colours, the texture, I just love this piece! Of course I hope it's clear I'm giving all credit where it's due--all I did was sim-ify it. This file is a recolour of the Arghist Soldier painting from the base game, so no EPs or meshes are required.


27 January, 2016

Welcome to Moppet Sims

So, yes, it's a blog. My blog! Specifically, my not-a-simblr-because-I'm-too-old-and-cranky-to-learn-them-newfangled-whoosits-but-I-know-how-to-Blogger blog, Moppet Sims.

I've been addicted to The Sims and The Sims 2 for ages (and played TS3 for a week or so...). Quite a while back, I had a site called Moppet Sims, where I posted my downloads for the original The Sims. Well, I've also made a few things for Sims 2, which I'm just starting to share with Mod The Sims. Most of my TS2 stuff will go there, but in order to simplify some of the moderation process I'll be linking back here for the occasional odds and ends. I may even post my older things from The Sims, because why not, and if the mood strikes and I decide to dust off the TS1 Complete Collection, any new The Sims bits I whip up will go here too. (I've actually been feeling super nostalgic lately for Makin' Magic...)

In the meantime, please to enjoy this Hey, I have a blog! post, because I need a post on my blog in order to finish formatting my blog so that I can start my blog in order to finish that set submission for Mod The Sims so that I can finish that second set I want to submit and then get started on that outfit I want to try to make and my To Do list is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE and I love it.

Like I said, addicted.

Enjoy! (^_^)