21 September, 2016

Salle de Bain

Okay, it's been a few days. But I have new things!

I'm about to submit another set to Mod the Sims, a simple but pretty (well, I think it's pretty...) bathroom of Maxis recolours, along with some matching walls and floors. I also have a couple of decorative items to round out the set which I'd like to share here.

First is a pair of pictures, Salle de Bain I & II, by Allison Pearce. These recolours of the base game Arghist Soldier painting were actually the reason I made this set in the first place--I just couldn't resist them! Of course I take no credit for Ms. Pearce's work, and no infringement is intended.

Also included are the decorative towels (four recolours), along with their mesh, which is from Mango-Sims (the site owner states that its objects may be included in houses and other sets with credit given and available for free). The original mesh is part of the cute outdoor set Spring, available in the Autres/Others section of Mango-Sims.